1. Contract: Your contract, for the provision of venue and facilities, will be with GMMC .
A contract is only formed between us upon receipt of cleared funds in respect of
payment of the full hire fee and deposit, if applicable.
2. Supervision: The HIRER will, during the hire period, be responsible for supervision
of the premises, fabric and contents and the prevention of damage or change,
however slight. No amendments shall be made to the premises without the prior
consent of GMMC . The HIRER is responsible for the behaviour of all persons using
the premises and the proper supervision of car parking arrangements.
3. Use of premises: The HIRER shall not use the premises for any purpose not
disclosed during booking, and shall not sublet. The premises must not be used for
any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way. Nothing may be brought onto the
premises which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies. The
premises must be vacated by 23:45.
4. Liquor licence: The sale of alcohol, whether by cash, tokens, lump sum, included in
admission fees, or free of charge, is only permitted if GMMC have been advised at time
of booking.
5. Compliance: The HIRER will ensure compliance with:
4.1. The law relating to gaming, betting or lotteries.
4.2. All conditions and regulations made in respect of the premises by the fire
authority, local authority, and the local magistrates court or otherwise.
4.3. Relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.
4.4. The law that states that all public buildings or places shall be designated as
no-smoking areas.
4.5. The safety and good working order of any electrical appliances brought on to the
premises and used in a safe manner.
4.6. The provision of the Children Act 1989, and that fit and proper persons have
access to children.
4.7. An appropriate PPL and PRS agreement if they play recorded music in any form.
A PPL and PRS licence is included in our booking fees.
6. Indemnity: The HIRER shall indemnify GMMC against:
5.1. Any fines or claims made due to the failure in compliance as outlined in
paragraph 5, and failure to comply with any other legal obligation.
5.2. Breakage, injury or loss of / from the use of any equipment or article brought
onto the premises by the HIRER .
5.3. Costs relating to damage, breakage, extra cleaning or disposal of extra rubbish
caused by the HIRER . Excess charges are not limited to any deposit amount.
7. Accidents and dangerous occurrences: The HIRER must report all accidents
involving injury to a member of the public to the Booking Secretary as soon as
possible after the incident. Accidents involving injury should be written up in the
incident book, which is kept in the kitchen with the First Aid box. Any failure of
equipment, either that belonging to the GMMC or brought by the HIRER , must be
reported to the Booking Secretary as soon as possible.
8. Insurance: GMMC holds public liability insurance. This is extended to
non-commercial HIRERS . This insurance is void whilst the HIRER is not on the
9. Animals: The HIRER shall ensure that no animals, except assistance dogs, are
brought on to the premises, other than for a special event that has been approved by
10. Cancellation by the HIRER : In the event of a cancellation within 6 weeks of the date
scheduled for the hire, the full hire fee will be charged.
11. Cancellation by GMMC : GMMC reserves the right to cancel a hiring in the event of
the premises being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local
Government election or by-election. The HIRER shall receive a refund of any monies
already paid. No compensation will be made for other expenditure or loss of income
incurred by the HIRER .
12. Events outside our control:
12.1. In the event of GMMC closing the Memorial Centre due to adverse weather
conditions, or the failure of provisions such as electricity or heating, the HIRER will be
fully reimbursed for any monies already paid.
12.2. In the event of cancellation by the HIRER due to adverse weather conditions,
GMMC will accept no liability for loss of earnings, and the full hire fee will be payable.
13. Unfit for use: In the event of the Memorial Centre, or any part thereof, being
rendered unfit for the purpose for which it has been hired, GMMC shall not be liable
to the HIRER for any loss or damage whatsoever.
14. Refusal of a booking: GMMC reserves the right to refuse a booking without notice,
or to cancel a hiring at any time. The HIRER shall be entitled to the reimbursement of
all monies already paid. GMMC shall not be liable to make any further payment to the
15. End of the hire: The HIRER shall be responsible for leaving the premises and
surroundings in a clean and tidy condition; all doors, windows and fire exits securely
closed and all internal lights switched off, unless directed otherwise. Any contents
temporarily removed from their usual positions shall be properly replaced. The
HIRER must remove all rubbish resulting from a party or any other function.
16. Noise: The HIRER shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival or
departure. Amplified music shall not be played at a level that causes nuisance to
neighbours of the Centre.
17. Excess charge: GMMC shall be at liberty to make an additional charge over and
above the hire charge and deposits, for any costs incurred by failure to comply with
the above conditions.